Single choice set


Single choice set displays a progress bar / counter under each question in the set.

The counter adds an extra question. So the 1st question of an 8 question set shows 1/9

(1) Why? And how do I fix that?

(2) Can I get rid of the progress bar altogether.

(3) The spacing between the question and the progress bar is not consistent - in 1 activity it is close; in another there is white space. Is this controlled by the longest question in the set? If so, I repeat question 2 : )


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Hi scotty,

1. The progress bar was not meant to be an indicator of the number of questions, rather the number of "slides" which includes the results screen.

3. You are correct with the white space being "controlled" by the longest question.

2. This is possible by making changes to the code. A good starting point would be this documentation.