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When editing an interactive video as part of a course presentation (place on a slide) clicking on Done does result in saving the changes for the interactive video but the Editor screen persists and does not go away (internet explorer 11). When the whole Course presentation is save all changes have been made. This is a major usability issue in Course Presentation. Other content types can be saved and the editor screen disappears and work can be continued without Saving the whole presentation first.

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We're aware of this problem. It might be that you can close the popup if you have added two summaries to the interactive video(tab 3 in the interactive video editor)?
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correct, this works! thanks..

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Good, we'll add a proper fix for this later.
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Hey there.

Yes, I am experiencing a similar issue to this one with the editor screen refusing to close out while trying to embed a youtube video (not interactive video) in a course presentation. 

Furthermore, the editor screen will not close out when you 'click' to display as button' is checked. If you uncheck this button, the editor window does close out. Additionally, if the youtube embed is displayed as a button, the video unfortunately tries to load, but never plays. Here's a video which explains the issue clearly...

Don't know if anyone has any other thoughts regarding this, or discovered this parallel issue to the one mentioned here.

Many thanks!

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Hello febster! Thank you for reporting these issues. We've managed to locate the bugs and we've created a fix for them. The issues will be solved in the upcoming H5P release.

Thank you for contributing. Your screencasts makes locating the bugs easy, much appreciated!