Drag And Drop Activity in the Interactive Video - Size of Frame

Hi everyone, 

I've been getting to know the exercises and am loving H5P. Currently working on a version of the trial site. I am having  difficulty getting the frame area correct so all of the elements sit in the same frame - trying to avoid the scroll down button.  I've adjusted all of the size options, but I can't seem to get the entire activity to fit in a single frame, so the user needs to press the RHS scroll down button to select the "check" button.  

It seems to be an issue with the resizing. I think I'm asking about the relationship between:

- The manual resize function when you select the actual activity area and size

- The "Task size" setting, which is described as the "play area of the activity" I have a adjusted this a number of  times but I can't see the difference it makes.


Screenshot attached, if that helps. 



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I don't see any screenshots. If it is drag and drop it should be possible to change the aspect ratio (make it taller, not wider) and get more room for buttons at the bottom, but will be easier to comment on this if you provide a link to the task.