How about Documentation?

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H5P has already been translated into many languages and there is a big number enthusiasts prepared to contribute with revisions and additions. This is very encouraging for developers and users.

I believe the next step to take now should be to create the option of translating the "Documentation" section of this website into other languages. It is true that English is a must to survive in the Internet jungle, but it is sometimes a good relief to read documentation in one's own language.

Despite the fact that the content is quite big, I am, to set an example, prepared to translate it into Turkish if I am provided with the content in an editable format (.doc, .docx or .odt). 

We should translate Documentation as well.
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Thank you for your willingness to translate H5P. We won't add the feature to translate, at least not now. The reason is twofold: we don't have the time to set this up now, and we also think we will have problems keeping the translated documentation up to date.

Another option is that you set up another site where you put your translated documentation?


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The "possible ratings", "goals" and "rating" labels included in the goal assessment page of a documentation tool activity should be able to be translated, please!

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Hi Robert,

This is a very good idea. I suggest that you post a separate Feature Request for this.


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Maybe the best option would be to provide the documentation and its translations in a wiki, as for Moodle. But that would mean providing resources and time to maintaining it.