Two plain text integrations for second language teaching

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Hi, dears!

The first request is about something «that would be more of a "matching game" than "memory" - or rather a combination of both» ( I'm referring to "Memory Game" and I’m just talking about the ability to input some “poor” plain text instead of uploading images. In fact, being involved in second language teaching, what I/we needed is a "Text to Text" matching, that is: something with no pictures in it (ok, pictures or text should be 2 different but always available options). Of course "Image to Text" (as well as "Image to Image") is worth it too. However, the textual dimension is primarily important in this field. Attached is an example of what I mean: a card with the question mark on one side and a (to be filled) text field on the other.

The second is something my colleagues and training teachers always ask me. And, truly, we're all wondering what is the reason why there's not a plain text content type. In the practise of language teaching, having a plain text field to let students write is simply the basics, the step 1 of any teaching act. Anyway, to make it clearer, this request is more about an "utility" (e.g. like the Audio Recorder or the Iframe Embedder) than an actual "learning&gaming" content type (such as Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice, True/False, etc.). Again, it's a simple text field, something to ask a student "Please write here your text". I guess this is probably more a content type than a feature request (then, we probably have to record texts into a database, that's not the same of recording and getting your file, and deal with some security stuff...), and I was unsure if ask for this or not. Then I remembered that stupid questions are the one you don't ever make :)

Thanks for your attention

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Hi akut!

I also like the idea of having text instead of images. It's proprobably not too complicated to code (cards should probably be scaled up though, and this might raise user experience issues), and maybe someone from the community could pick it up as his/her first pull request?

Regarding your second suggestions: I think you could use Essay. If you do not provide keywords and set it to ignore scoring, it can look and feel like this:

The results (and even all submitted iterations) can be stored using the xAPI interface.

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Hi, Oliver! Thanks for your answer. You know I was wondering if I might contact you for these issues/requests...

Anyway, I did this: - but now I'd like to know where the data are stored...

So, let's hope someone in the community is going to get the first request.

Thanks again.

I'll share your suggestion with a group of training teachers. You can have a look at their (our) very first creations here:





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Hi akud,


H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in.

I highly recommend looking through these documentation: