Turkish translation file

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I translated the main language file into Turkish and post it here as an attachment. I will soon post the language file for the h5p-editor-php-library folder as well. Developers can contact me for any other language file for H5P.

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Very good, I'll add the translations to the next version of the plugin.

If you wish to speed up the process using GitHub will make the job easier for us, see my reply to this post.

Thank you for contributing!

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I am not familiar with the GitHub interface and I still prefer the old-fashioned upload/download technique to Forums, sorry for that. The second file (under h5p-editor-php-library/language) is attached.

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Looks good, so I've added both the translations. Again, thank you for your contribution!

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Please find attached the Turkish language file for H5P Activity plugin for Moodle. 

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Excellent and it looks good as always! I've added it to the plugin and it will be part of the upcoming release. I can't thank you enough for helping H5P grow.

   I want to upload a json package for zh_cn,but the moodle always show "it is a invalid file!"

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potato, where are you trying to upload the file?
Please note that the H5P upload fields only support H5P packages.

I have added zh_cn.json in H5P.InteractiveVideo-1.11,and want to upoad H5P Libraries for moodle,and always show "Invalid language file zh_cn.json in library H5P.InteractiveVideo-1.11"


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Ah, yes potato, you'll have to rename your file to 'zh-cn.json' as there are no underscores in the language code, though some people practice it. 

You should also be aware that you must temporarily enable 'dev mode' to be allowed to re-upload the same version of the content type/library. You can do this by adding the following to you config.php in Moodle and it should accept all H5P uploads:

$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = 1;

Remember to remove it when you're done.

Lastly, there is a known language bug in the current version of the H5P plugin for Moodle. A fix is available that you should apply to your plugin: bf0eaa7
This fix will be part of the next plugin update.

Hi,icc, How can i add a language for "zh_cn"?and how to doped out a solution to then problem for "Simplified Chinese"!Thanks a lot!

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You must make sure that the Simplified Chinese language pack is selected and then you must use the language selector in Moodle to select it before creating the H5P activity. When having selected the appropriate language the translations from zh-cn.json should be loaded when creating new activities.

The bug should be fixed in the next version of the plugin which is due this month.

ok! I expect to it!thanks a lot!

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Hakan hocam bu dosyayı nereden ekleyeceğiz ve biz yeni çevirileri nasıl yapacağız yardımcı olabilirmisiniz.

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I updated the Turkish language file for H5P core.

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Thank you! I have added this to the WordPress repository. It will be part of an upcoming release.

Hi there:

Wondering if you have any plans to do an Arabic translation?  Folks I'm working with would find this most helpful.

Bonita Bray

Hi, I'm keen on understanding how this excellent h5p can be used in the Arabic speaking world. For example, can teachers use Arabic alphabet in the different interactions and can it display right to left? Currently I'd have to create content on h5p.org as we don't have a druple, wordpress or moodle site.

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Hi billozero,

I'm afraid right to left is not possible as of the moment. There have been several conversations regarding this, but since the core team does not have experience with RTL they are unable to implement it. I hope someone in the community can provide the necessary changes for this to happen.