Course Presentation Activate Active Surface Mode

HI there, it seems to be a bug in Course Presentation. It seems to be impossible to revert Activate Active Surface Mode if applied once. Please do let me know if i am wrong

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Hi, It is not a bug. When you activate it you get a message telling you that it cannot be undone :/

well now i have to make that entire thing from stcratch... the warning message was not a very effective warning. i mean i needed to turn it on because i had no description of what it did, so in order to see if it did what i wanted, i had to turn it on, it gave no indication that i would disable the keywords list which i depend on for navigation.

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Well, it would have been sensible to first try it on a test presentation to see what happens when you turn it on.

You can still use "Go to slide" buttons, which can be useful for certain types of presentation.

i could undone this change, just follow these steps:

- Right click over check box and go to inspect element (the source code)

- delete the "disabled" from the checkbox line
- unselect the checkbox
- save

After that, you'll see the navigator bar again.


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Hi Andres,

Thank you for the suggestion. Although I wouldn't recommend this not unless you know what you are doing. Making changes like this can cause undesirable effects on the content.


Thanks for the fix Andres. It has just saved me a lot of time re-doing a resource that took me all day. :)