Removing Summary from interactive video

I find the summary to be a confusing element in an interactive video and would like the ability to disable it. I feel that I would rather have all questions in the interactive video to share the poster format instead, for example.  While I recognize the summary option is well intended I would like to be able to choose to disable it, and others can use it as they prefer, naturally.

Remove summary from interactive video
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Hi jburwell,

The can be skipped all together and thus disabling it.


How does the summary get "skipped all together"?

I just removed all "Summary task" items in the Interactive Video demo form to see if that would cause the summary (*) icon to go away and it does not change anything.

Some time ago, you had posted a response on how to remove the summary task form an H5P interaction, however, todoy the objects/controls/indicators you mention do not exist in order to acheive this. Your instructions are no longer inline with the product.

My use case is that I have 2 H5P interactions in a page whereas I want only the second one to send a passed/completed xAPI statement, so removing the summary task from the first one will stop the passed/completed statement to be sent since the triggering Submit button will not be there, while still recording the questions/answers in the interaction.

How is this accomplished today in H5P interactions?

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Hi dennishall,

What I meant was not to create a summary. Although when you go there it shows that the fields are "required" you can opt not to place anything in them.

In regards to the Submit Screen I created a quick recording showing how I removed the submit screen for the "Smoothie" sample IV.