I noticed a function for tags (H2, H3, H4) in content Accordion.

I was wondering what exactly does that mean, because i am having truble figuring it out.

There is an explanation (below), but i do not see a diffrence in my created content, so i would appreciate if someone can put it in simple terms :-)

H tags for labels (does not affect the size of the label)

The h tag used on the labels. Normally H2 but if this belongs under an H2 heading use H3. Does not affect the size of the labels, only used for semantical purposes.


Thank you.

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They determine whether the text is put into an HTML <h2>, <h3> or <h4> tag, which denominates headers at different levels within a document. They should be layered in their natural order, i.e. <h1> for a title/headline, <h2> for an under-title, <h3> under h2 and so on.

Normally you should just use H2. They are only used for semantical purposes unless you have set some special stylings for the different headings, through for instance hooks that customize the content type.

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