Mixing an Image slider and the Hotspot image

Hi everyone.

Working on a moodle course I have a huge amount of information to put online, including  numerous pictures, videos, audio, etc... Some of the plugins are just awsome when it comes to adding visual aids and I'd like to thanks the developpers for helping with that. You guys really do a great job.
The Multiple Hotspot  that integrates another layer for a text explanation after a click on the + icon, for example, is great.  It allows to unload some information from the page itself but keep it available for curious students...
The image slider is also a great help but I think it would be nice to be able to add as much text as needed.  Why not an image slider with a extra text layer for explanation...the same principle as the Multiple Hotspot Image? Basically we'd still hit the arrows to slide the images but a click on another icon would slide a text layer over the image when an explanation is needed. Or the text would show below the image...

Anyone wanting to take the challenge?

Thanks for your attention,



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Hi Hugo,

Thank you for the very detailed suggestion :-)