Moodle Interactive Video Issue

Hi all, Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum first up.

In Moodle I have added an interactive video with drag and drop and multiple choice questions in, however when students open the resource then some students get the questions completed already and some don't! I am finding this a bit weird. If I upload the quiz again then it solves the issue for most students but not all even if they have then refreshed the page.



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There's an option named Save content state under /admin/settings.php?section=modsettinghvp, if this option is enabled the progress of the user will be saved for each content. This means that if I revisit a task that I've solved earlier my previous answers will already be filled in.

The state of the content is saved per user account in Moodle, so it shouldn't be possible for one student to get the answers another has given.

This progress is reset when you update or modify the content.

I hope this helps.