Essay & matching


I know you're working on two new content execise type: essay & matching; do you know when they're coming out? Cannot wait.....:)


Thanks a lot for your work


Jesus Garate

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Hi Jesus, they are most certainly coming! I can't say when perhaps by the end of the year. It will definitely be on the release note when they do.  

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Hi Jesus!

Just a few days ago I received some valuable feedback from the H5P beta testers. Today, I finished implementing the changes they suggested. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I can only work on H5P in my spare time right now. I guess I'll be able to do some more testing on Sunday, and if that turns out fine, Essay should be released very soon.

I have some more ideas in mind, but they will have to be put in an update :-)

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Oh, and let me add that there's at least one more thing that I'd like to finish this year ... ;-)


Was looking through some tweets to see a sample matching game prototype with Lord of the Rings - was that also your idea? Was very interested to know when this might be released.

Keep up the great work!

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Hi Gideon!

The demo content referencing the Hobbit was my idea, yes. Essay has already been released some time ago, and an update with some improvements has also been finished (but not yet released). Hope you'll like it.