Student video creation with slides/picture upload a new feature

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Hi H5P

I am very much enjoying all your features but I am missing af tool for students to create a video with slides and share. I am thinking about a feature like Movenote that is closed now since october 2017. The features can be seen here:

Movenote was a startup from Finland. Maybe they will share the code for their application for use in H5P. It would be a powerfull tool for students to create videos from phone or desktop, to blog about them and share.

Link to info about the founder:

What do you think?


Best whishes


Integrate movenote in H5P?
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Hi Claes, that sounds like a great idea. I'm not sure how Ville built Movenote as it appears to be closed source so it's difficult to say how easy it would be to integrate. 

Maybe this will be a new content type in the future if someone wishes to build it. 


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That definitely looks interesting. Step 1 for someone who is interested could be to a create a general video recorder content type similar to H5P Audio Recorder.

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Hi Oliver,

How would one go about that? I am not a native to coding (yet) but I will take a semester on coding spring 2018 so maybe...Is it a rather large think to undertake?

Best Claes

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Hi Claes!

Great that you're starting to code and that you're even considering donating your time to H5P.

As for your question: hard to say. If there's a library that you can use for recording from within a browser and you basically would have to "grab" the result and treat it like Audio Recorder does, then it's probably quite straightforward. However, there are quite some things that may lead into trouble. Maybe the library is not openly licensed and must not be used with H5P, maybe it doesn't work on all browsers, etc. And if there's no such library at all, then it would probably be quite a task to build that content type ...

I could be totally wrong however. Anyone, feel free to add your thoughts!

Maybe the Moodle plugin RecordRTC for Atto can be used as a starter or inspiration: