DialogCards Navigation button disapears


Let me start by saying thanks for H5P, so excited about all the posabilities.

I'm running the moodle plugin and noticed that if the answer is too long, the navigation arrow disapears. All the cards are the same size, so it doesn't really make sense why on the 3rd card (when the answer is too long) the navigation arrow disapears.

I exported the H5P file and imported it again to new course, not change.

I have tried in both Firefox and Chrome, not change.

I have changed the setting under Behavioural settings>  I ticked the scale text to fit inside the card and now it works.

I would expect to be able to keep the text the same size and the card to scale accordingly.


Moodle 3.3.2

H5P 1.5

Please let me know if you need any more information. I can provide the H5P file if necessary.


Thanks again!

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Hi Hey_J,

Can you please attach the H5P so that we can check.


I'm experiencing the same problem...
The last card in this 'deck' fails to display, because the navigation button disappear when the previous card is displayed.

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Hi SafeMinistry,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an existing bug report that aims to resolve this issue. You can follow the progress here.