hi there,

starting this year to teach grade 5 ... student are really excited about H5p use for thank you for all the hard work.. one new feature that is need is paint like ms paint on pcs ... our school is using chromebooks which is kind of limited when share drawings for example I tried to teach my students how to create a 3d image using vanish points it is really difficult to complete without the actual features of paint have just shapes will do but students can't color using bucket tool like in paint... done some research and found there is a drupal module which gives plenty of imaging tools that are amazing is this part of the roadmap for H5p? If not please add it as it is vital for students to be able to create / edit / submit images in comput as a subject or just as part of brain storming where the student jot down something using a mouse.. and saving / submitting evidence of progress...

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Hi farrisimin,

To answer your question it is not included the roadmap but this looks like a content that will have a lot of uses. Thank you for the suggestion.