interactions with iFrame Embedder

We use Ensemble Video Stream for holding our videos (with CC) and we present out classrooms through Moodle. We have the h5p plugins for Moodle and they are up to date (2017031300).

Ensemble hard links do not end with an ".MP4" extension so we cannot use them in Interactive Video. We can get the videos to come into h5p using iFrame Embedder but this just plays the video. We need to have the video stop and ask a question or display some written content (link box for URL).

Are there plans or a way to have Interactions (stop video to ask a question) within iFrame Embedder?

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Currently, only standard HTTP streaming from .mp4 or .webm files or YouTube are supported by H5P. There are many providers that offer custom video streaming services, and many of them also come with their own player and no API/integration with 3rd party players. This is a problem since the H5P Interactive Video tools require its own controls if it's going to be able to offer interactions and questions on top of the video. 

There are no plans to add interactions on top of content in the iFrame Embedder. It's more of a dummy tool that offers to display other tools. It cannot communicate or interact with the content inside.