Problem with Course Presentation Full Screen on iPhone

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Hi guys,

I have the latest H5P installed in the latest WordPress (4.5.1). When you view the course presentation on iPhone and click the full screen button the WordPress Dashboard header suddenly drops down and prevents you from seeing or typing anything until you can somehow get back to the fullscreen button to turn it off. Without using fullscreen the course presentation is impossible to see, so I think it may be a bug. See attached photos.




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Did you attach the screenshots? I don't see them :/ I tried it out on a WordPress site with a CoursePresentation on iPhone and it didn't happen to me, but I did have problems exiting fullscreen mode. Seemed impossible to hit the exit fullscreen button when in landscape mode. Also, how serious do you think this problem is? Will you users be visiting the H5Ps in the WordPress admin dashboard?
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I think they are attached now.


Hi, I'm having the same problem on my site, how did you solve this bug because I've tried everything and nothing so far, can you help me?

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Hi stringercj12,

Would you mind posting this as a separate thread in the bug reports forum, please follow the suggested template.


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Unfortunately yes, they are all logged in but they have no dashboard access, only they still see the dashboard on the front end (if that makes any sense). The dashboard is still there which makes me think that since you didn't see it it may be the theme I'm using or the plugin ("Remove Dashboard Access") that is affecting it. 


Thank you!

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Yes, it seems to be the theme you're using. Is it a free theme or have you paid for it? Perhaps the creators are willing to look into and fix the problem for you?