Collect student feedback via Moodle


I would like to add a student feedback option to a H5P activity whereby a student is asked a range of questions the answers collected via Moodle and used for feedback purposes on the activity contect. Is this possible at all?

Thanks in advance,

Nigel :) 

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Hi Nigel,

What you can do is create a separate content. You can create a a Quiz (Question Set) and created Multiple Choice Questions in it.

There are several options though that you need to change.

1. Disable Retry and Show Solution.

2. All answers should have a check on the option "Correct"

3. Uncheck "Display Results" under  Quiz finished option.

4. Uncheck display results and place a message under "No results message"

I have created a sample content here for your reference. Feel free to download it and use it as template :-)


Hi BV52,

Thanks very much for your input! I'll take a look at your reference content :)