Integration of H5P into Moodle (offline)


How can we make sure of source code to integrate H5P into Moodle (offline)? Do you have fund mode to ask your side to do so?

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Am I understanding correctly that you want to make the students' experience offline with H5P and Moodle? Can you provide some more details on how you would like this to work?

I work for a company called Joubel, who provide the core team for H5P. Joubel sometimes takes funding to develop features in H5P that aligns with the general roadmap of the probject. If you are interrested in functing some feature in H5P, you can send an email to [email protected], saying you want to fund a feature, and the project manager will get in contact with you.

Improvements to the code can also be provided trough pull requests on Github. This should be coordinated with the H5P Core team on the Feature Request forum, to ensure a greater chance for the pull requests to be accepted.

Did I answer your questions?

- Tom (developer)