Feature to hyperlink videos on one's own hard drive to a presentation


As the file size is understandably capped and there already is the option to use links to youtube and other content on the internet, I really miss a feature to implement a "hyperlink" (in need of a beeter word) to link content (audio, visual...) that is already on my hard drive into e.g. the presentation tool. As it is I can neither ue the presentation nor the interactive video tool for files larger than 16MB.

Do I just miss that feature or is it not yet possible to do things like that?





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Hi Thorsten,

Welcome to H5P!

There is actually a way to use larger files. You can host your own files by using 1 of the 3 plugins (Wordpress, Drupal or Moodle). You can find the instructions here on how to install them.

But your suggestion is valid and can be helpful if you are creating the contents in H5P.org.