Collecting Interactive Video Responses

Howdy all,

I'm hyping H5P to clients because it's a great open source toolset and I love that it includes interactive video. I have a couple of questions, though about how the interactive video works.

First, we'd like to be able ask participants a question in the video and have them answer. I've figured out that we can embed a short answer question in the video and disable navigation so that participants can't skip it. But then, we hope to perhaps:

A. collect participants' answers and maybe show them to each other. I can imagine writing these answers to a page via a script, but where and how might we collect what people write?

B. remind participants of what they wrote previously when asking them another question. So it would be something like, "Earlier, when we asked you X, you wrote Y. What do you think now?"

Are either of these possible? I've some experience with coding, so if there's a technical suggestion you want to offer, I'd be willing to try it.


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