Captions in Interactive Video not visible: what am I doing wrong?

I've updated an earlier interactive video H5P project to include captions.  The source Youtube video has captions (which I know H5P can't show automatically) but I've managed to create a WebVTT caption file for it and loaded it into the project.  I filled out all the fields that I noticed, including the copyright/CCL stuff that seem related to the captioins track.  However, when I play the updated version with the captions file, they do not show up automatically nor is there a "CC" toggle button.  In short, the captions do not appear in the updated version of the project.

Is the captions functionality not working correctly, or (just as likely) have I failed to do something correctly in order to add the captions.  Tips most welcome.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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Hi ormjr,

I have a few questions that comes to mind to try to isolate this:

1. Does this happen only with this video?

2. If you try to add another WebVTT (something short and simple) do you still get the same problem?

3. Where are you creating your content?

4. Is it ok to share the H5P with the WebVTT file in it here.


Hi BV52

Thanks for responding.  I'll elaborate my in the order of your questions...

  1. I've only tried this one video, which is for a course I'm developing.  My earlier trial of the interactive video app, when I was testing out H5P, used an older video that had its captions burned into it (from Youtube), so this is the first "real" test of the new captioning feature for us.
  2. Sort of the same answer above: I've only tried the new captioning feature on this particular video because it's part of a lesson.  I DID try using different WebVTT file formats (with and without numbering) and neither of them has worked.   The video itself is very short, <3 minutes.
  3. I originally created this project on the site (hosted here) and embedded it into my lesson via an iframe.  The captions do not show up on either the video hosted here or its embedded version.  We recently (very recently) adopted the LTI plugin for Moodle, so I suppose I could try going that route to see if there is a difference, but then I have to figure a way how to include the video within the SCORM package when its actually a standalone Moodle activity sitting hidden else where on the Moodle page. 
  4. I forgot to grab my link to it when I started typing this.  Will have to do it in a subsequent response.



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Hi ormjr, 

If you're using YouTube as a source, then you must add the WebVTT file to the video via
The text tracks added in H5P only works if you have a direct link to a .mp4 or .webm file as source.

That's very good to know to know, ICC.  IMHO, it's an important distinction that should probably be noted in the interactive video editor UI help text or description so that folk don't spin their wheels trying to make it work.

In any case, great info.  Thank you.

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This is noted ormjr.