H5P service providers

Below is a list of companies that provide H5P related services. Contact these companies to customize H5P to your specific needs.

Is your company missing from the list? Contact us to apply for listing as an official H5P service provider.


Joubel provides development and design services related to H5P. Joubel has worked with the H5P technology since the very beginning and can offer solid experience in creating and customizing H5P content types and applications, as well as creating H5P plugins for new and existing publishing platforms.

Services: Content type development, Design, Framework integrations, Training

Website: http://www.joubel.com


Cerpus offers services related to content production and content management. With a highly experienced content development team that has been producing rich interactive learning content for several years, we offer training in planning and producing your content, or we can even plan and produce the content for you.

Services: Content management, Content production, Project management, Training

Website: http://www.cerpus.com