Global Interactive Movement

H5P aims to change the way people create, share and reuse interactive content. Join the movement and make a contribution by adding your H5P to the World Map.

Great content is important

As the web advances, people are increasingly expecting more from their web experience. Interactive content evolves users from consumers to participants, as well as providing a richer experience. Let the world know that great interactive content can be created easily and for free when using H5P. Will you contribute spreading the word?


All you need to do is translate, adjust and/or extend this timeline that gives an overview of the history of Open Educational Resources (OER). Then share your contribution to make it visible on the World Map.

If you would rather like to create and share your very own H5P content creation, you are more than welcome to do so. Any topics are welcome and every contribution will be added to the the map!

I want to contribute!


Timeline and prizes

The movement starts November 10th and ends the 28th of November. The top timeline extension will be announced on and rewarded an Amazon gift certificate of US$ 200. We will also hand out some nice freebies to selected contributors.

Let your contribution influence the world map!

New to H5P?

View the getting started with H5P guide

If you have any questions about the Global Interactive Movement, please don’t hesitate to leave a question or comment below.