August Status Update

The Moodle community is joining the H5P community very quickly. Moodle community members are also very active in both suggesting and developing improvements for the plugin. I'm very excited to see how H5P is moving forward in the Moodle world and can't wait to learn more about the awesome things that are being built with H5P and Moodle.

Joubel, the company where I work, is still the main driving force behind H5P. At Joubel, we have decided that this year we will focus our development efforts on improving what we have in terms of accessibility and UX instead of adding new features. We will, however, continue to offer to help community members who want to fund new features, and are pleased to announce that some really great new Interactive Video features have been funded and are planned for the next release:

  • Survey features (Select and open-ended question, xAPI enabled)
  • Ability to add links to other parts of the video from text boxes and images
  • Transparent hotspot interactions that can link to other parts of the video or external URLs
  • Time code scrubbing (Video updates when moving the seek bar)
  • Option to let the chapter menu be open when video starts

These features had been requested by several community members, and they’re making it into the next release primarily because one of these members stepped up to fund the improvements. Several community members are funding other important improvements for the next release as well. And there are some great pull requests that probably will be included as well like making the dots clickable and being able to play the video faster or slower.

By contributing to the H5P project community members get the features they want, improve H5P for everyone else using it, and help change the world of interactive content. We're quickly moving to a world where everything is open, fully customizable, with content that flows freely.

We're truly empowering everyone the create, share and reuse interactive content.

I want to thank everyone who is taking part in the H5P journey: from the developers and designers to the translators helping users in several languages interact with H5P to our great users who share their experiences and guide our decisions on what to do next and how to best push H5P development forward.

You're the best!

I'm so happy to see everything we have achieved so far. When I see people talking about the future of learning content online H5P is now almost always mentioned and very often mentioned first. It’s especially gratifying to see the particularly immodest praise, like this recent tweet from an eLearning conference:

The huge progress we're making is because of the great community effort. Our goals are extremely ambitious, and we're moving towards them much faster than I had dared to hope for when we started out. Keep up the great work everyone!