Allow to name video quality in interactive video player


I can add multiple video qualities to the interactive player. The user can than choose what is approbiate, but fails to do so, because those are only named quality 1 to n. It would be great if we could give them a name that helps the user to identify wich quality to choose. 

E.g. in the Text overirdes and translations screen or, during adding the sources.

Thanks a lot


Video Quality Settings
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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your suggestion!

If you are using YouTube videos with Interactive Video, it's by default set ut Quality = "Auto", and it will try to optimize settings for users based on bandwidth.

If you are using uploaded videos, it's of course a different story, and it could be useful.

Do you have a lot of users on mobile devices?

- Tom

Hi Timaj,

i know the youtube alternative. For our projet this is not possible, we are using vimeo for hosting and adding multiple video urls vimeo provides for us.

For us high quality videos already have often problems on pcs, so quality switching is needed.



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Hi Andreas!

I might be able to help you out. Just give me a call. You know the name, you know the number ;-)

Greetings from Lübeck,

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Otacke to the rescue! You the man!

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This should be pretty simple - unless I am completely missing something :-)

What do you think would be the way for adding the options? I think the Advanced Settings section would be fine, but there might be several ways - from one simple text field that e.g. accepts "/"-separated entries to separate fields for each label (the latter might involve some additional logic for semantics handling).

Maybe as an option in the dialog you use for each url or file you add to the player?

And in the text overrides dialog the possibility to change the name of the menu-title that appears if you press the cog-wheel in the player.

Great to hear progress! Thanks.

@otacke, if you happen to be at the learntec next week, the first beer is on my tap

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I support having it as an option in the file/url dialog. Something like:

Label: Quality name
Description: If you have the same video in different qualities, give each one a name, for instace "4K", "HD", "Mobile". 

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otacke the man :) 

I've made an issue here for review: