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Hi there,

This is an invitation to have a look at a couple of examples of activities created with an "improved" version of Dialog Cards, on my garden site here: http://www.rezeau.org/wp-garden/en/category/about/quizzes/

From the "Credits" details on my site:

This activity is based on the H5P Dialog Cards activity with some extra features:

  • option to shuffle cards before starting the activity;
  • if cards are shuffled, option to select a number of cards from the stack to play with;
  • after turning a card on the "answer" side, if user had formulated a correct guess, they can click a check/"got it" button to remove the card from the stack.

The Edit/Teacher interface Behavioural Settings has an extra Shuffle Cards option:

  • Do you want the cards to be shuffled or leave the choice to the end-user?
    • Yes
    • No
    • User's choice

This improved version of H5P Dialog Cards is a work in progress. It might be made available after further testing. Please send any comments, remarks or offers to test it to [email protected]


Remarks welcome either in this forum discussion or directly to my e-mail address.

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I really like that you can get a subset of the cards to test yourself on the subject.
I also really like that you can "finish" with cards and get a "finished" screen when you have tested yourself on all of them.
Great improvements, keep up the good work! :)

- Thomas

Looks great. 

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Yea, good work Papi Jo! +1

Asking the user if they want it shuffled feature is nice.  When could we expect this update?

It works perfectly well now. Just choose the JR version.

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No need to use my dialogcardsJR version. The latest dialogcards library includes the "random" feature.

Ok, thanks.

I was really pleased when I came across your beta version dialogcards that first introduced shuffle and draw a certain number of cards from the deck features. I made copies of your garden example and implemented them in a few places, including a horticulture plant identification course, and my own Judo study tools. While the latest core update to the H5P cards allows randomization of the cards, as well as the "i got this right"/"i got this wrong" (repition mode) what I really liked in your version was giving the user the option of shuffling or not, as well as drawing a subset of the deck. It is really handy for larger decks. So thank-you for sharing that.

What I've run into is that sometimes when the cards load is that they don't display the whole card. I'm curious if you're maybe working to implement the other functions from your beta into the core cards, or if you had similar issues and maybe came out with a solution to that.


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If you want to continue discussing this project, please write to me directly to my email address [email protected].