retry button in course presentation summary slide

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Hi, I'm very enthusiast using H5P. Now I would like to use course presentation in Moodle for assesment purposes. The problem is that the ‘summary slide’ now always shows a ‘retry’- button. Is it possible to disable this button?

As long as this button exits we can not use it for assesments purposes.


Disable retry button on summary slide
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Hi, I'm happy that you've been finding H5P useful :) 
Currently, there isn't a setting to disable the retry button on the summary slide but if you have access to a developer or are willing to touch the code, all you have to do is edit the following line:


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Thanks for your quick answer!
I discover that the F5-button on the keyboard also can be used is 'retry'-button. Is there a way to prevent that?

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You could experiment with the save content state feature in H5P settings if you use H5P on your own site, but there is no bullet proof way to deny retries at the moment :/

There will be assessment mode features in the future where you'll also be able to control number of attempts.

Hello falcon - I too am trying to use H5P (course presentation) for assessment purposes, but cannot because of the retry button on the summary slide. This is great to hear that there will be an assessment mode features in the future (to control number of attempts). Is there a timeline on when this will happen? It would also of course be great to be able to hide the retry button on the summary slide.

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I can't say if it will happen in the near future. The best way to make sure it gets done is to contribute the code necessary and the Core Team can review and merge it in :) 

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Hi tim,

I've have been using h5p for a year until now, and I really like the progress. ;)

I wonder, related to course presentation, which is the  porpouse to have question and also stored in the moodle gradebook if there is a retry button which will reset all the scores ... ?

Until now we are using h5p only for show some content, but we would love to use it for questionaries.

Best Regards,



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Hi castelmager,

This is an often asked/requested feature for Course Presentation and I think this opens a lot of possiblities for this content. I don't think there is any plans within the core team to implement this in coming year. The good news is that H5P is open source so you or anyone in the community can make the changes.