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By default hyperlinks in H5P open to a new tab/window but is it possible to make them open on the same target?

I have a Moodle course that is made up of several H5P modules and I would like to link from module to module & the course main page. I can create links but at the moment clicking the link launches a new tab/window which doesn't make much sense.

I thnk it would be good to be able to choose the link target.

choose link target (on hyperlinks)
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I'm moving this post to the feature request forum. Then it has a better change of being picked up by the team.

- Tom

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There should be "target" tab in the link popup where you can choose the target for the link. Don't you see it?

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I had the same problem and solved it by adding a simple text field where I entered text and added a hyperlink in the field. This dialog has a target tab. I think that's what falcon meant. The link action has no target tab (also I think it should have).

Thanks all!

Hey Sir,

I want to know if it is allowed to post an hyperlink in youtube to my own created interactive videos on h5p.

Kind regards.

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Yes, it should be fine.

- Tim