Embed Activities into Moodle rather than link to activity

So originally I was building content in the H5P site and then embedding into Moodle.

This works really well, however Moodle cannot save quiz scores etc.

Because of this, we have installed the Moodle plugin, which works really well.

However, my vision for using H5P was to embed content directly into a course page, rather than linking to the activity.

Will it be possible to do this at some point and still store grade book results? Or will we only ever be able to link to the activity.


Dan J

Embed Activities into Moodle rather than link to activity
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Hello! Many others have requested this as well so I deem it very likely that this will be added as soon as someone has the time to do it or want to fund it. 

Some of the thoughts and challenges have been discussed here: #30
Feel free to chip in on how you think it should work :-)

Thanks for your reply and the link to the thread. I can see it's a hot topic!

If we were intereted in funding it, who would we talk to?

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If you use the Contact Form, the company I work for(Joubel) should be able to provide you with a quota for the job.

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Hi Dan, ICC. I'm working for a company who is about to start using H5P in a big way. Some of the things we absolutely need are backup and restore working properly, and embedding (we only really want to embed timeline resources at the top of each course, but if we can get it working properly for everything, that would be better).  We were going to start development on this ourselves, but I wondered if any further work had been done for embedding (e.g. the idea of a button within Atto), or if any work had been funded? Mainly because we want to help but don't want to reinvent the wheel.


Paul Vaughan.


Hello Mr Vaughan! Hope you're well. Been a long time!

There are lots of other disucsisons about backup and restore and embedding and the Atto button seems to be moving forward (I don't know if it can link in with Generico?). 

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Hiya Dan, yeah long time. :)  We're very keen for the H5P plugin's backup and restore to work, as part of our workflow involves duplicating 'template' courses, but as I don't really know where the whole H5P project is with backup and restore. (Embedding nicely is a close second.)  There's some work-in-progress stuff on GitHub which I will look at shortly and their JIRA tracker has the issue listed but no work evident against it. Consequently I'm not sure where to start with this BUT we do need this working as a priority.

See you at the MoodleMoot?

P :)

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Hi Paul,
I'm glad to hear that you're planning to start using H5P extensively.

Regarding backup and restore, the code is there but there's an issue with media files not being restored correctly. Other issues have been prioritized for the time being, so unfortunately, no one has had the time to look into this issue. Relevant issue: #27

Regarding embed, I think there are been suggested some "hacky ways" of achieving this, but no proper integration/pull request has been made yet(that I'm aware of). Comments and progress on this issue can be monitored here: #30

Any help on resolving these issue are highly appreciated!

I've installed the above hack from issue#30 on github. It's nice (great to say the least) but the embed includes the website header. Is there any way to go around this? Ideally, we'd just see the h5p activity, or be able to remove the header. 

All and any advice much appreciated :)