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My suggestion is not to do with the script itself. Rather, I believe it would be a good idea to create a section here in this website (or somewhere else - under a separate website address) to compile H5P content created by us users and to be shared freely.

Although there is a "showcase" section in this forum, this is not very functional because the content added so far is disorganized. There should be categories and subcategories as well. If it were possible to create sub- and sub-sub-categories here in the forum, this would also serve this function. One possible classification can be:

  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • University Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Performing Arts and Traditional Arts
  • Sports and Other Physical Activities
  • Languages
  • Religion and Religious Studies
  • Vocational Training

Security, Medicine, TourismandTravel, Cousine, Cosmetics, Creativity and Handiwork, White-Collar Work, Construction and Design


  • Misc.
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Thank you, this is a great suggestion!
I guess it will need some planning and possibly a bit of design. I will note it down and get back to you. 

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Great idea and classification suggestion. I guess this is for content? The plan is to connect all the H5P websites in the world via web services so that H5P users on any H5P web site may share and reuse content in a global content repository without leaving their own web site. Do you think that could be a good solution?

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First of all, I sincerely apologize for the late reply. I did not receive an email about the comment; I must somehow have unticked the notify field.

As h5p is not a stand-alone content creation tool like, for example, Xerte, any "grand" decision you developers take will need the host LMS/CMS developers' approval. If you believe that developers of Moodle, Opigno and Wordpress (and recently eFront Pro) will approve of a case where a plugin will communicate with the whole web and export/import content with the whole web, the idea of a global content repository is brilliant.

To add, together with my students - the project was their term project - I set up a website where courses from LMSs (currenly ATutor, Chamilo, eFront, Moodle) and lesson content from content creation tools (eXeLearning, h5p, Hot Potatoes, Xerte) can be shared. We have already uploaded 269 h5p files we transfered from our previous Moodle website. Instructions and the interface for these files are in Turkish but this is not a major problem for h5p. (If you are an English teacher at a university, you should especially try my Applied English for Science and Technology course for Moodle.) Any contribution is appreciated.


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I had a look at your site. Very interesting. Nice to see that there is some content there.

So what we try to do is merge all your categories together into one, make H5P content work the same in all LMSs, and make it easy to share and reuse it. It will be one hub that all web-sites talk to. I can't imagine that any LMS or CMS should have any problems with that, but who knows :)