interactive video to youtube

How do I upload a h5p interactive vid to youtube?

The options seem to be drag file to youtube or upload file from hard drive.


So how do I save the mp4 file to upload or is there another way of doing it?

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Hi Derek!

I think you're talking about the first options page of interactive video, where you can upload files from your harddrive to an H5P system or point to a video from YouTube that should be used by an H5P system. There's no way to upload interactive H5P videos to YouTube.

If you cannot achieve what you want with YouTube's editing features, but you just want to do simple stuff with H5P, you could use some software that can record your screen (such as OBS). It will give you a video file that you can upload to YouTube. Of course, then video won't be interactive anymore.

how is it that I can watch the interactive video, used as the example on h5p's site (the animal sounds vid) on youtube with full interactivity??

How was this achieved?

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I don't know that video, could you tell me the link, please? 

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The video on YouTube uses some features of YouTube itself. It was not exported from H5P.