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 When using the create content directly on H5P.org option, where does the user data live? Are their terms of service and privacy policies? I can seem to find any information on this. For example, I know that the Timeline tool requires a Google Sheet to work. If I create that directly on H5P.org, where is that Google Sheet? Who has access? Can I access? 

For TOS, my workplace "owns" content and cannot be governed by another state's laws.

I would really like to use some of these tools.



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Hi Matthew,

We probably have some work to do here. Glad you're starting it now by raising the question :)

The intention with H5P.org was originally to make it possible to test H5P. Not to be a free software as a service. But it seems the community wants it to be :)

Users start time, end time and scores are stored in the H5P.org database. In addition a lot of data is stored in Google Analytics. The content authors create are also stored in the H5P.org database. There are no spreadsheets for the Timelines. H5P.org replaces that with the H5P.org authoring tool. Have added H5P.org EULA or similar to my todo list. Thanks again for raising this question!


Is there a Terms of Service or End-User License agreement available?

Thank you.

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Not yet. There will be for H5P.com, and we'll probably strip it down and create a lighter version for H5P.org, but do note that the H5P authoring capabilities on H5P.org are primarily meant to try out H5P for those considering to self host H5P.