Restricting access to H5P content to certain user roles

Hi Falcon,

Is it  possible to have a change in the permissions on H5P so that on a per content item basis, an item being for example one question set, I could restrict to a certain role the access to that content or to the result - within the h5p content itself, rather than in the user area.


For  example I would like to  have one question set on a page which can be used in full by an anonymous user,  and the anonymous user can access the results of that question set,  and then further down the page have another question set which only users with a certain role can use. The reason for this is to encourage more users to sign up.


I looked in the permissions and I can see that I can restrict viewing of H5P results within the User area to certain roles, but as far as I can see there is no way to restrict certain roles from accessing H5P content or accessing its results.


Is  this a feature that's already available that I'm not using properly,  or is it a feature that could be incorporated into a later update?

thanks in advance,


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Hi Jane,

Did you use Drupal? If so there might be Drupal modules that does this. I think there are. H5P doesn't have any access control on its own. I think H5P should focus on making really great content, and let the CMS handle access control.

If you pursue this please consider sharing your findings with the community :)

Hi Falcon

Thanks for your reply. I do use Drupal. I'll ask our developers about it and yes I'd love to share any findings and code with you - thanks for your amazing work on H5P.


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