Cannot open exported text in safari

Whenever I use the export-function in the course presentation in Safari (macOS Sierra 10.12.1) I just get a textedit-document, which is impossible to open. In Chrome (on the same computer) it exports as a .doc-file. I haven´t tested it with other browsers. 

Can this be fixed?

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Hi, have you tried right clicking on the document and pressing 'Open With' to open it within text edit?

Hi, thanks for the reply. There´s no option for right clicking and downloading - only the usual "look up, google it, copy, share etc."

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Hi, have you tried right clicking after downloading?

Tried it now, only options is to open in textedit or one of my browsers :p So that doesn´t work either.

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I've tested it on my side and I'm able to open the exported documents with textedit. Would you be able to send a screenshot of what you see when you try to open it with textedit?

Jesus Christ I´m so stupid. I CAN open the TextEdit-file. I thougth i couldn´t because it automatically opens online, within a new empty tab. So. But - the problem still stands. Is there any way I can download it in .doc in stead of TextEdit (when using Safari)? 

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Not that I am aware of. You may have to rename it manually :)

That´s too bad. Thanks for your help though :-)