Get the score from h5p content types in moodle


I am using the different h5P content types within moodle. At the end of each activity there is a score/grade displayed by the H5P activity.

Is it possible to record this score into Moodle grades?

Our objective is to track the student performance in each h5p activity and map the same against the lesson/learning objectve grades. Is there any existing plugin for Moodle which can give this info?



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Hi, perhaps you've been using embedded H5P's instead? The plugin does support Moodle's Gradebook API and will out of the box log the result of all H5P activities in the course's gradebook.

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I'm seeing the score of h5p actiities in the gradebook panel, but for example if my h5p activity is a memory game I only can see the score (simple 10 points ) but cant find the details of the time spended to finish the game, and all the cards that the student had to turn over . Also I checked in the DB all the hvp tables, and didn't found anything related.


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Only scores of activities are stored in the Moodle gradebook.
If you want more sophisticated learning data such as time spent H5P facilitates this through xAPI statements. However it is up to the website administrator to take these into use. They can for instance be picked up by a Learning Record Store (LRS). You can read more about the xAPI statements that H5P provides at: