Download - is this stand-alone?

Is download of an H5P items (for example: and interactive video that I create) is a self-contain piece, which I can then upload to a website - and all H5P features will work on that piece?  In other words: is download creates a stand-alone item that can 'play' on my PC without the need to be lined to H5P website?

For example:

  • I upload a video to H5P
  • I make it interactive with H5P
  • I then enable download
  • I then go and download it.

Question: would the download be a stand alone?  Could I upload it to my website, and all H5P interactive features will still work?

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Yes. H5P content types do not need to be connected to to function. If you have either Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle installed you can create and run H5P content types independently. Anything you make at can be downloaded and run on any of those platforms with all the interactivity. 

You can also embed any H5P content type onto any website as long as you have the embed link. 

Finally, it is possible to run H5P content types on any website using the following code:



I had quite a lot of trouble getting h5p running in my dev environment.
I spent quite a lot of time, but its not playing external video files, unless I point to them on my dev ser (not upload a direct file). I cannot upload video via the Wordpress editor. I have tweeked PHP and its not that, the files do load, and are placed in the appropriate wp location. I continually get an EOF when trying to use the file in the editor. (I used the test video and still the same thing, Wont upload, but will run and can be used if I serve it locally or remotely)

Anyway, I have a work around at the moment, my question here is: Does the stand alone project need library updates? as I just get a blank page?
Im thinking of either pulling apart the new worpress libraries & javascript... or simply running the wordpress database in the background, and embedding the iFrame in the other pages being served

I wish to use the h5p content, yet use a differemt framework (laravel)

 Mac Sierra
Wordpress 4.8.1 (fresh yesterday)
h5p 1.9.2
PHP 7.1  (openSSL & mgString active.... but not zipArchive)

All works with the install, apart from the uploading of video. Work around is to put in a link to the local server file. Other interactions appear to be working, and can be diplayed on a WP page. Yet when I download, and place into the standalone player that I cloned from .git I get a blank page.

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Hi malcolmg,

Thank you for the information. The first H5P conference is happening this week. The H5P core team will be busy facilitating the activities. They will try to answer your question asap or if someone in the community have some inputs feel free to post it here.




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Have you checked your web server's error_log file for messages? 

Also, you could try adding the following to your wp-config.php to gain more information on the error:

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE);