Embeeed video in html page

Ca we embeed the video with custom width and height in html page

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Yes, video can be embedded on any HTML page that you can open in your browser. Use the embed button below the content you wish to embed and you can configure its size. By default, it also includes a JavaScript that will resize the video to best fit the page.

If you have H5P installed on your site and wish to embed it on another site makes sure to set the X-Frame-Options header in your web server to allow for embed.


i want to user my interactive H5P video (created on my local wordpress ) in  my ilias lms.

is there a way beside the embeed function in H5P?

Let's say a download of the whole video file including the interactivity ?

Perhaps there is another possibility.

My wordpress installtion is only for internal intranet use.

Thanks MArtin



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Currently, your option is to use the embed code.

It could be an option to integrate H5P into this LMS (like in WordPress), but I don't know of anyone working on this.

In the future, H5P will support LTI (which seems to be supported by a ilias lms plugin). LTI makes it possible to insert your content from another site, and also get the scoring back to the LMS.