interactive video - uploaded video does not display on mobile

When I open a moodle site that has the h5p plugin from mobile - the video player appears as a black rectangle and no video shows.

It works fine with a youtube video as a source. 

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Which mobile are you using?

Samsung 5

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I also own an S5 and both, YouTube and other sources are working.

probably a problem on our servers....

tnx :)

Same problem here in Moodle with Safari on iOS (iPhone). YouTube videos embedded in a "text page" via html embed code (in Moodle) do show up, but interactive videos with H5P do not show up (neither if the video source is YouTube, nor if it's something else). I does not show up at all! So I don't even see a "black rectangle" that shirlykam mentioned in his comment up above. H5P audio does show up. H5P drag text also shows up. I didn't test any other content types, but I assume it's mostly a H5P interactive video problem...

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If you're talking about iOS 9 or earlier, that's a limitation of Apple's operating system, but not of H5P. On an iPhone, videos cannot be played 'inline' before iOS 10. 

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Hi Bjoern, thanks for taking the time to report this bug. Would you have a link I could test out?

Hi Tim,

these are the login credentials for guest access to one of my test courses:


Password: ******** (EDITED after icc checked it)

There should just be one interactive h5p video available to you called "Resource-based view". Please let me know when you're finished so that I can turn off the guest access again. And let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!



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Hi Björn, 

I had a look and it looks like the issue is that the JavaScript file fails to load. This is probably because the file fails to generate.

I see that you're running an older version of Interactive Video so I suggest that you make sure you're running the latest version of the plugin and then upgrade your content types and upgrade the content according to the description here: Update/install all recommended content types

This should solve the issue unless there's an issue with the setup. I would keep an eye on the error log when upgrading and viewing the content for the first time afterward.

Thanks! I'll pass it on to our admin, but we might only be able to upgrade the plugin and the content types before the next semester (starting in October 2017). So I assume it will take a few months until I can check if your suggestion fixed the problem...

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The file missing is a cache that is generated when displaying the file. The strange thing is that the database seems to think the file exists while it's missing from the file system. I'm not sure what could trigger this, but I've added a fix that will force regeneration of the cache file if it's missing from the filesystem: 0359fc2

This fix will be part of the next version of the plugin.

Another option is of course that there's some wrong with the context used for the file or when trying to load it.

You could temporarily disable the cache to see if it starts working by adding the following to config.php:

$CFG->mod_hvp_aggregate_assets = 1;

This will reduce performance somewhat so it's not a permanent solution.

Thanks! I'll pass that on as well. But being a big university we only do upgrades and tests twice a year before each semester starts. So it will take a while until I get back to you after the fix! But maybe someone else here can reproduce the bug and test it before? Or give me access to another Moodle installation and I'll check with my device? Either way: I'm happy to help and just let me know if/ how I can do so! :-)

Thanks Oliver! I'm on iOS 10.2.1 - so it should work...

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Alright, sorry. I hope that someone with some Apple experience can figure it out.

No need to be sorry (I didn't know iOS 9 and 10 are different in that regard) - thanks for checking! :-)
I assume it's maybe a Moodle/H5P-problem on smart phones in general or has this been fixed for e. g. Samsung (the actual topic of this thread) already?