Quiz H5P Integration causing permission issues (access denied)

Just ran into this, it might be my setup only but sharing this in the event anyone else may run into the issue.

It looks like the Quiz H5P submodule in the Quiz Module conflicts with H5P. When this module is active, I was unable to view any h5p nodes - was getting false 403s.

Disabling the quiz h5p integration module fixed the issue.

Tested with: Quiz 7.x-4.0-rc1,  Quiz 7.x-5.0-beta-3, and quiz_h5p 7.x-5.0-alpha (from here: https://www.drupal.org/project/quiz_h5p).

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Ok, do you have any other node access modules enabled?

I did not have have any modules for managing node access.

I did try installing content access and nodeaccess to see if I could use those modules to 'force' the permissions I wanted, but that didn't work either.

Now that I have the quiz integration module disable, the view permissions for the interactive content nodes are being followed.

I should note: when I gave the permission "Bypass content access control" to a role, that role was then able to view the h5p nodes.

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I'm sorry for the very late reply here. Have you tried giving the users the permission "View quiz questions outside of quiz"? I'm not 100 % certain about the wording, but it should be something along those lines. It should allow the role to view any quiz question outside the quiz context including H5P.

This solution worked great! Thank you!