issue content invisible moodle

Hi all, 

All of a sudden today, all our h5p embedded content on the moodle platform has disappeared, and it was functioning perfectly for the past 2 weeks. Any idea what this can be? 

Many thanks! 


Could it be a case of mixed content?

E.g. moodle is loaded through HTTPS but the embeded content through HTTP

We are having the same issues with all of our embedded content in Wordpress and on other platforms...

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Where are you creating the H5Ps you are embedding? I.t, do you create H5Ps here on, or on another site? If you are hosting your own Drupal site, and have recently upgraded to 7.50, please look at the following page:

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Hi Lisa,

I had the same problem after running the update from 3.1.1 tp 3.1.2.  Everything was "gone".  I had to reload the H5P plugin and then everything came back.

Did you update recently ?

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Seeing that this was on Friday, it could have been due to us updating Or is it still broken?