Excelsior College Online Writing Lab


Hello all,

H5P is simply wonderful. I'm very proud to share a recent project that uses H5P throughout. We just launched a new Online Writing Lab at Excelsior College (small, non-profit, online college based in Upstate New York). The site contains over 650 pages of English writing instruction and resources...


Excelsior College OWL

Some highlights...

There are over 130 pieces of H5P content used throughout the site. I created a custom script to query the database and reveal a front-facing index of the activities here: 


In the teacher resources section, there is a page that explains how educators can embed the activities in their own sites using H5P's embed option (a real revelation for people unaware of the power of H5P):


Finally, I added a front facing activity tally sheet so site users don't need to visit the WordPress admin area for activity results. You can create your own account to see how it works - or just take a look here:

Activity Tally Sheet

The site is hot off the press (we haven't yet made the official launch announcement), so please do let us know if you find any wrinkles. 

I am so thankful for the hard work Joubel and the developer community have put into making H5P. I hope the Excelsior OWL can be a testament to its awesomeness.

I welcome any questions or comments!





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This is so great, thank you for sharing it!

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Thanks a lot for sharing. Inspiring for community members and a great way to demo H5P for people considering to join us :)