reload embed ifram h5p issue

i am facing some problems while trying to embed h5p iframe content in my Moodle website.

i test the content in several browser and same issue, i need to manually reload the iframe to show up on each load.


the content contains a youtube video and some text only.

Any Advices?

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How are you embedding it? Like this? Is it embedded from

yes it is embeded from because there is no option from Moodle to embed

here we go : <iframe src="" width="1090" height="638" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

is there any tag to auto play the embed file

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Ok, how do you manually reload the iframe?

right click reload iframe

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I see, do you have a link to a page where this is happening?

i cannot share it ...but as a description on first load for the page from chrome or firefox the iframe wont show up until i reload it manually.

i was wondering if we can add an option for the tag iframe to autoplay or try to refresh the iframe without using JS code

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Perhaps, are your able to share a similar page somewhere outside your Moodle install?

why after installing the plugin in Moodle there is no feature to embed the created activity outside the course content

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It is because Moodle activities have to belong to a course as far as I know. We might do it in other ways in future versions.

why do you think that H5P wont show up directly on first load

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Don't know. Might have to do with resizing. It might be there, but super small. But this is just a guess. Have to see an example first.

That would be a really useful option, so please bring that on