mark the words, not working at the start of a line

using word press

most times there isn#t a problem, but when I try to highligt a salutation or a closing it doesn't work, any ideas?? Thanks


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The "Mark The Words" content type does not support multiple words as a solution. You have to enclose a single word with asterisks in order to produce a solution.

That's strange Thomas, as you can see from the image that 'we would appreciate' as a phrase works as does 'to enquire',, so if we could make that bug universal we've got it!

I mean 'Just  a note to tell you'

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I agree, that shouldn't be possible afaik. Can you attach the H5P file here so I can have a look at what might be causing this ?

if you can tell me how I've managed to mark phrases that would be tremendous

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It seems that it will parse multiple words for now, but not if they are at the start of a line break element, as in your example. Multiple words is not supported as an answer because it will confuse the users, if they click a word and it selects multiple words, it is obvious that it is a correct answer.

Could you create an issue for fixing that multiple words are possible as answers in the github repository of Mark The Words ?

Language learning is about learning phrases as well as single words, indeed some argue combination of words is the only way to learn, so I would say , don't fix it embrace it, enlarge it and roll it out it is a FANTASTIC asset, it serves to highlight phrases, please, please keep it and make it work better.

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 You're probably right that it could be a better content type if this was solved better. I feel like it doesn't belongs inside mark the words with the way it is built right now. I think it could work with a different content type (or a modified Mark the Words) that more prominently outlines that you can select phrases, or you could use Drag The Words for this, since this allows dragging phrases where they belong.

If you have some good thoughts on how to solve the multiple words selection I would love to hear it :)