Names of Images

I created a greeting card using WP. I uploaded the an image titles "cat.jpg" but the image was renamed to "image-57a16266b7b75.jpg". It would be nice to keep the original file name. If "cat.jpg" already exists then it should be named "cat2.jpg"

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Could I ask what the reason for having this naming convention would be ? Is there a special use case for this ?

I guess the reason why it creates a unique hash or id for every image is to avoid additional logic for comparing names of files, but if there is strong incentive for changing the naming convention I guess it could be implemented.

- Thomas

These are the benefits,I was thinking about

- if a user clicks an image, it will be a cleaner url.

- it is easier to locate images and update them through the cpanel or other file manager. 

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Sounds reasonable. I'm not sure if there is a good reason for the current naming scheme. Your best bet for getting this implemented is creating a pull request for it or find a developer that can do it.

- Thomas

I will be happy to contribute. I have a degree in IT.  I know the basics of coding. If someone can micro manage me and we take things step by step, I am happy to learn something new.

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Excellent, I would start in the h5p editor core within the copy() function where the name is generated.

1 - I checked out the copy() function but I didn't see any hashing function.

2 - I found a hashing function here:

$libraryData->javascript[md5($lang)] = $lang;

Why is the language variable hashed? What is the value of hashing this?

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If you didn't md5 it you would get a very long string that you tried to use as a key in the array. By md5'ing it you get a unique key for it in the array. I'm there could have been other ways of doing this as well. Haven't been involved in that part of the code.