Course presentation advancement of slides

If a slide has an question inside of it, the user shouldn't be able to skip to the next slide until the answer was given. At the end of the slide it should give a score.

Also, can you add "find the hotspot" in the "Course presentation" type

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Can you explain how the user not being able to skip to the next slide feature would be used in practice ? Question Set have a somewhat similar mechanic, where you can't view the solution until you've answered all questions. However I'm not sure if this fits into the "presentation" content type. This feature sounds like something that would belong in a different content type.

"Find the Hotspot" inside CP sounds reasonable, I can see some use cases for this. A pull request for this to would be greatly appreciated :)

- Thomas

Sorry. I don't know how to use github so I don't know what a pull request is.

"Find the hotspot" in CP would be awesome.

I want to make a presentation. Then I want that user to be quized, but I don't want the user to be able to just skip the questions. I want them to answer them. Disabling slide advancement until the user has answered the questions a slide would be a nice feature.

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Sure, so there are two ways to get this implemented if you're not a developer or have access to developers. The H5P Community can pick this up and develop it, and create a pull request, or you can contact Joubel ( , which does some H5P consultancy and hear if they can develop it.