Error message 'Unable to load libraries' in Drupal 7

I'm tryng to create content in Drupal 7. I have enabled all the correct permissions and installed the latest library versions. But when I try to create interactive content, I keep getting the message 'unable to load libraries'. If I upload a demo (such as a fill in the blanks question) it will display fine on my site but if I then click 'edit' , there is no way I can edit it. Any ideas how to enable creating interactive content in Drupal 7?

Thank you

Did you look into this tread?

I dont have too much experience with H5P, but I have made a couple of test intallations on Linux/Windows and Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal.

In 100% of these installations there were some "small bugs" to make it tu run, but also in 100% of the cases the problem apeared to be related to the configuration of the underlaying operation system and/or the Wordpress/Drupal installation. None of "my problems" apeared in the end to be related to the H5P intallation itself. (But of cource this need not to be the rule allways.)

The same error was there on my site as the attachement showing.  Anybody can help me?

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Have you got the newest version of the Drupal module? Are you using version 7.x-1.4? Does it always happen? What environment are you hosting your Drupal site on? Any messges in the error log related to this?