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There's got to be an H5P in this.

If you unzip the attached file and fire up index.html you will get the idea. I downloaded the files from http://tympanus.net/codrops/2013/05/07/a-collection-of-page-transitions/ and then made some alterations to the index page to demonstrate the transitions with actual web pages. In component.css I altered the borders of the buttons so that they would stand out against web pages.

According to the licence http://tympanus.net/codrops/licensing/ these files are available for use as long as appropriate credit is given.

Here's my thinking. I was playing with the H5P presentation which I think is great, particularly in the way questions can be incorporated. However, I found the editor frustrating. Indeed, I eventually decided it would be easier to create the essence of each slide using other tools and then upload each slide as a graphic. Then I thought why not have each slide as a web page which would open all sorts of options from both editing and presentation points of view. Thinking about how the transitions would work led me to the codrops page.

I'm not a programmer so there is no realistic chance of me implementing this but here is what I envisage:

1. An H5P editor in which you can add slides/pages much as you add dates in the timeline. For each slide you get to specify the web address and the relevant transition.

2. The ability to alter the order of the slides, again in a similar way to the ordering of the date info in the timeline.

3. Ideally, but not essentially, an option to either link to external html files or to html and associated files that have been uploaded to the database.

4. Again, ideally, a way of gathering any results from any H5Ps that have been added to the component webpages so that a result can be given at the end much as in the current presentation tool. (I suspect this may rely on 3 above being implemented?)

Anyway, fwiw, that's the suggestion.


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Interesting suggestion, have you checked out whether Impressive Presentation could fill some of these transition requirements ?

Hope you are able to find a developer to collaborate with, let me know how this turns out :)