Duplicate an already-existing H5P content

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I currently use H5P with WordPress and I do not know whether what I would like to suggest is to do with WordPress itself or H5P.

After we create an H5P conent, there are two options available: we can see the "results" or we can "edit" the file. I believe a third option - that of "duplicating" the already existing content - will be useful.

Currently, we need to write down the name, copyright information, and description, as well as adding images for the introductory screen and the background. Then, we have to repeat this for each content. With the option of duplicating the content, we can create a template content, duplicate this as many times as necessary and then rename and fill each one with exercises/questions/etc.

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This option is available in Drupal through the clone module, however I don't know of any equivalent in WP. What you can do in wordpress is create a template H5P, download it, and then upload it when you want to use the template.

Another nifty trick, which may elude people is that you can copy content between different H5Ps, if you have two Course Presentations open you may copy a question (e.g. Multiple Choice) from one tab with CP open, to the other one, which I think can improve your productivity in many cases.

I definitely agree that a native duplicate option would be powerful, and will look into it some more. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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I'm in the same boat that hakangur was. What would be the best method of 'creating a template H5P, downloading it, then uploading it when I want to use the template'? 



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I believe I just answered my own question. I discovered the "create content" option right here on the website (through my profle). There's a download option there. I should be good. 

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Indeed, currently that is probably the best option :)