How to change font size and font family?


Would someone mind explaining how we can change font sizes and family? We're using the presentation h5p but ther doesn/t seem to be an option to do this.



H5P file: 

I am a rather "new beginner" with H5P and I think that I had allmost the same question in the forum a short while ago.

What I did find out was as follows:

1. The left menu has to be selected or deselected during installation or "generation" of a new presentation module. If deselected it can not be reestablished after.

2. The format of the text on the left hand menue can not be changed except if you make your own CSS file.

3. The for the format of the text on the right part of the presentation. or the main part, there is 3 options for size and also dome other for bold, itallic ..

I hope I did understand it right and explained it right as well.